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Nicolle Hodges

Sexual Freedom Philosopher. Author. Journalist.

Nicolle is "the Dr. Seuss of sex." 

Her t-shirt campaign to "rebrand virginity to Sexual Debut" -- based off the book -- surpassed its crowdfunding goal in 48 hours and gained widespread media attention. 

As the founder of Girls Who Say Fuck—an incubator for ideas that instigate change—her projects are boundary-pushing, with the intention of questioning the way we've been told life is supposed to be. One of her initiatives is Men Who Take Baths, where men in bubble baths are interviewed about what it means to “be a man.” Launched in 2017 following #MeToo, the project documents the evolution of masculine psychology and male identity in a changing world through intimate conversation, art shows, and virtual gatherings. 

As a sex and psychedelics columnist, she regularly writes for Double Blind Magazine. She is the brand manager and social media strategist for multiple cannabis and psychedelic companies. 

She is a former television personality for CTV Vancouver, which included reporting from Lesbos, Greece where she started an art camp for kids at the peak of the refugee crisis. She is the former media consultant for the United Nations Women advisory committee in Vancouver.

Nicolle currently lives in Toronto with her partner and hairless cat, Brain (not Brian).

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Jillian Mundy

Jillian Mundy is an illustrator and artist. She creates bright, psychedelic dreamscapes crawling with curious creatures and ghouls.


From the greater Toronto area, she now resides in Vancouver. She channels her quirky, lewd, altruistic energy into her imaginary worlds and peculiar characters.

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Sierra Holmes

Graphic Designer

Sierra Holmes is an ambitious high-octane designer and illustrator from Vancouver. She fuses her love for design and digital-pop illustration to create unique brands with strong personalities and identities. 


She has worked with brands such as Bucha Brew, Rogers Arena, Evo Car Share, Oak and Fort, Peak Performance, Ryders Eye Wear, Rebel Girls, and Girls Who Say Fuck.

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